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We are a family owned daylily farm being involved in the hemerocallis world for over 30 years. To meet the growing demand of foreign daylily enthusiasts we launched our virtual store in 2004, offering not only our beautiful flowers but also original hand engraved Bohemian crystal glass with daylily motives.
You may place your order by selecting from one of the options in the left side menu. We deliver the plants by postal service, bare rooted but extremely well protected against drainage.

Right side menu contains payment and delivery information. Payment by 3D-Secure Credit Card Payments is the most widely used form of payment in our virtual shop.

Daylily blossoms engraved on the Bohemian CRYSTAL glass
Due to the inerest of our overseas partners and their appreciation of the world famous Czech (i.e. Bohemian) crystal glass craftsmanship, we put our effort into finding a Czech engraver who excels in both, professional graphics art and hand engraving as well. Thus we have managed to add most splendid and valuable items to our virtual store. You can select from three dimensional shapes of various daylilies blossoms engravings. The three dimensional effect is distinctly visual when the glass is filled with a liquid such as red wine or juice. We are proud to succeed in finding a product originating in the nature, as the daylilies do and proving that gifted human´s art skills and efforts can transfer this natural beauty into an exquisite glass form.
Just make your choice of any of these lifetime treasured gifts and you will agree.
If you would like to customize the engraving with an inscription or your own design, you may send us your ideas or artwork and we will do our best to meet your specific requirements.

3D-Secure Credit cards payments

Other means of payment (instead of Credit Cards)
Personal checks worldwide

We deliver worldwide
Daylilies - from april till september;
Crystal glass engravings - all year round

Delivery terms for crystal glass engravings
Overseas air mailed - 5 weeks

Customs clearance
No customs clearance is necessary in case of small quantity parcels.